Saturday, June 19, 2010


I am finally getting back on track with everything and it has been like Christmas finding all of my stamp stuff again. In our new house I have to get a little creative with stamp space since we don't have the extra room, so when I get it all put together I will share it will you all!

I have missed posting the retired lists for you all, so let me catch up real quick.. first up is the retiring stamp list. Click on the picture to see the list bigger..

CLICK HERE for the most up to date retiring accessory list. This list changes daily and when the items are gone they are gone!

CLICK HERE for the retiring Definitely Decorative list.

I apologize for getting this on here late, you have until the end of June to take advantage of these items. You can email me to place an order by clicking here, or order directly through my website here.

I have some projects on my to do list, which means I will hopefully have stuff to share soon! Happy Stamping and!